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  • General Ship Suppliers
    Ship chandlers

General Ship Suppliers - Ship Chandlres

A company is also and mainly the people who integrate it. Our challenge is to have a personalized service of quality, that also is related to the formation and permanent motivation of our collaborators, so many times hard to find in companies of bigger dimension.

The teamwork bet in the modulation of the many structures allows to perfectly adjust the related human resources to each moment and each customer in function of its necessities. From our point of view it consists on a constant update of our relative staff capabilities from the knowledge of languages to the fulfilment of rules of security of the ports (ISPS) and in everything that secures the alimentary products.

Even in a company who insists on keeping a light and flexible structure, were quality and not amount of work is our main concern, has to have a logical, operative structure and with relations of well clear hierarchy and responsability.

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International Shipsuppliers & Services Association

Member Quality Mark


International Shipsuppliers & Services Association


Associação Portuguesa de Fornecedores de Navios

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Our Products

Provisions: fresh, frozen, canned, dried, smoked

Beef meat · Lamb meet · Pork meat · Veal meat · Mutton meat · Poultry · Game Bird · Sausages · Frankfurters · Lunch meats Fish Whole · Fish Fillets · Shell Fish · Fruits · Vegetables · Dairy Products  · General Products · Grain & Noodles · Sugar & Preserves · Sweets & Flavouring Soups & Sauces · Spices & Seasoning · Oriental Food · Jewish Food · Diabetic Food · Diatetics Food · Beverages · Spirits · Wines · Beers · Cigarettes

Cabine Stores

Dinning Equipment & Galley Equipment

Clothing Products & Linen Products

Brushes & Brooms



Medical Equipment


Bathroom Equipment

Deck Stores

Ropes & Hawsers

Cargo & Deck Equipment

Marine Paints & Paint Equipment

Safety & Fire-Fighting Equipment

Bridge Equipment

Engine Stores

Hoses & Couplings



Powered Tools & Equipment

Hand Tools

Cutting Tools

Measuring Equipment

Stell / Metalwork


Pipe & Tube Fiitings



Electrical Equipment

Packings & Jointings

Welding Equipment

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  • We are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week
  • We supply in Lisbon - Leixoes - Oporto - Setubal - Portimao - Funchal - Madeira - Shipyard Dry Docking
  • We supply all types of products for Navy vessels, Cruise, Bulk Carriers, Container, General, Cargo, Tanker, Fishing vessels, as well as platforms, tugs, etc.
  • We deliver on the day and at the time requested as per Masters, Officers, Ship Owners or Ship Port Agents request
  • We supply first quality products with long expiry dates
  • We have our own fleet of vehicles which include vehicles with a freezer compartment and thus we are able to deliver frozen, chilled and perishable foods
  • We supply all types of original Spare parts with guarantees
  • We give you competitive price quotes always taking into consideration the high level of quality of products
  • We are able to give our clients quick replies to all and any requests
  • We are able to supply daily to vessels at Setúbal Shipyard
  • We are in possession of all the necessary licenses to operate as Shipchandler, we are also certified by the ISSA Quality
  • We supply the British and German Navy Fleets, as well as other NATO Navy Fleet when these call at Lisbon
  • We require all our suppliers to produce quality certificates as well as only supplying us with the best products
  • We welcome any comment and suggestions that our clients may have on how we can better serve our clients 

we supply best cruise companyies such as

  • Holland America Line
  • Wind Star Cruise
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celebrity Cruise
  • Princess Cruise
  • Cunard
  • Seabourn Cruise
  • P & O Cruises
  • Silversea
  • Azamara Club Cruises
  • Transocean Cruises
  • Fred Olsen Cruises
  • Sea Cloud
  • Happag Lloyd
  • Saga Shipping
  • Peter Deilmann
  • Louis Cruise
  • Arielle Cruise
  • Compagnie du Ponant
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises
  • Club Med
  • Pullmantur
  • Seadream Yacht Club
  • MSC Italcatering

we also supply some companies of Catering, Management of crew and Shipowners

  • Seachefs
  • Quality Services
  • V-Ship Leisure
  • Jolane
  • Midwest
  • Feederlines
  • Seatrade
  • Polish SteamShip
  • CEC Shipmanagement
  • Jubilee Sailing Trust
  • Karl Geuther
  • Netherlands Institute Sea Research
  • Research Vessel Services
  • Prisco
  • Northern Marine Management
  • Vaderotank
  • Karl Schluter
  • Rawbow
  • The Apollo Group
  • Duty Free Supplies
  • Francesco Baglietto
  • Gebr Schoemaker
  • J. A. Meeder
  • Pro Nav Shipsupply
  • Intec
  • Neptune
  • All Time & Supply Service

Client Letters

Some of our clientes have writen letters trought the years, thanking us for our support. So we posted them here for you to see.
Our clients such as:

her majesty's yacht britannia


Our History

J. A. SANTOS - Fornecedores Navais, Lda. General Ship Supplier - Shipchandlers

Primary contacts

J. A. SANTOS - Fornecedores Navais, Lda

Head Office

Adress: Rua José Luis Monteiro, Nº 11 Loja M - 1950-162 Lisboa - Portugal

Phone: [+ 351] 21 342 3867 / [+ 351] 21 347 4254

FAX: [+ 351] 21 347 7352

Email: jasantos@jasantos.pt

José Santos


Cell/Mobile: [+ 351] 91 970 3967

Email: jose@jasantos.pt

Carlos Santos

Sales Representative

Cell/Mobile: [+ 351] 91 215 2250

Email: carlos@jasantos.pt

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